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A God of Joy…a God of details…

Have you ever thought about when someone tells you, “God has been putting you on my heart lately…” that you USUALLY think that to mean that you MUST be going through something hard so the Lord is putting you on someone’s heart to pray for. WELL…I really do believe He does that—but do you ever think about how God just LOVES you…how He just THINKS about you…how He just wants to be with you and celebrate you?! And some times He puts YOU on someone’s heart OR someone on your heart–because He wants to remind you and/or someone else just how much He cares about what is important to your heart…how much He loves…and how He remembers every detail of each and every one of His children.

He reminded me of that this morning.

I was taking my older two to school this morning…and I was just talking in my heart to the Lord. He laid a friend of mine on my heart–and I felt like He was telling me to contact her and tell her happy birthday. I know, weird right?! ESPECIALLY since I was certain her birthday was in April. NOW…if you are my good friend–then you know that I’m not only bad with names–but I’m horrible with dates, remembering just about anything and I’m late for just about everything. SO…when He said, “Contact her…tell her happy birthday”…I thought, “Well, thanks Lord! You just reminded me that I missed ANOTHER friend’s birthday so I am going to text her and gently get her to remind me when her birthday is…I’m going to WRITE it on my calendar this time…so I remember NEXT year…and I’ll work on being a better friend, ask for her forgiveness for forgetting…and then tell her happy late birthday!”

So…I texted her. And low and behold…the Lord was right! When I asked her to please remind me when her special day was because I had forgotten it…she said, “TODAY!” And I love that she didn’t think I was crazy when I told her what made me ask that–and who REALLY reminded me of her special day. (Happy Birthday Addie!) How crazy is that?!

This was just a beautiful reminder how He not only puts us on other’s hearts when things are wrong…but some times even when all is right. Just because He adores us. He loves us. And He wants to remind us how HE IS IN THE DETAILS. How He knows EVERYTHING about you. How He wants you to feel special and loved.

There’s not much I can promise to you as I don’t know who is reading this at this moment–but what I can promise you is this…God knows everything about your current situation RIGHT now…and He is already all over it. You have no need to worry…and you can rest in His perfect promises and plans. He wants you to come to Him not only when things are wrong…but also when things are right. He wants you to cry out to Him and dance before Him with joy. He wants you to know His voice…and to recognize when He is speaking to you…and to live in communion with Him.

God is THAT Big…THAT good…and He really is real. Isn’t it AMAZING to know there is more to life than just what you see?! Oh to live for eternity and to store our treasures in heaven!!! No better way to live my friends!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!



P.S. Now…some of you might think 1) I’m crazy to hear the Lord tell me it’s somebody’s birthday and 2) We’re crazy that we are adopting AGAIN. Well, just so you know–we ARE crazy. That’s the way we roll. You only live once…so we chose crazy. AND the same voice that told my heart it was a dear friend’s birthday–and it was important to Him to remember…is the SAME voice that told my heart we have a little girl in China–and it is important to Him that we grow again and get her. I want to follow Him in the small things AND the big things…don’t you?! Oh…to live for Him…there is nothing sweeter!

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