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A refreshing breather! (Reading Job 8 – 11:20)

Chapter 8: Boo to Bildad. It’s a good thing I’m not Job—or Bildad’s friend during my time of great loss. I think his comments in Chapter 8 may have earned him a karate chop or two. Don’t worry, I don’t karate chop my friends, but putting myself in Job’s shoes here–I have a JIE-NOR-MOUS (big;) amount of respect for him for letting Bildad finish his opinion. The minute he popped out, “Your children’s death was deserved because of their sin”…that would have just been the first karate chop. (Watch out people—Andrea is in rare form tonight…Job is just too much for me;).

Chapter 9 and 10: Job’s response is understandable and honest toward God, and I think this may be one chapter that is worth a few “re-reads”. I think the Holy Spirit is just amazing how He writes scripture and takes you through Job’s feelings—and as I read this chapter I felt like better understood a perspective that many unbelievers argue and keep them from trusting and following the Lord. “Why plead to God either way—God is going to do what He is going to do…God allows bad things to happen to bad people–and good people…right?” I don’t get it. Why believe? Why follow? How would you answer those questions? I think it’s really important, as believers, for us to really soak in some of Job’s questions and frustration here. He was a strugglin’ man who loved the Lord. He had experienced His goodness and grace. Job knew His heart. What was it that Job isn’t getting here? Job clearly understands God for who He is—but like so many of us, He is confused by why things happen the way they do some times.

Chapter 10: Zophar. I have no words for Zophar’s response. Other than…he deserves a karate chop too. And after all those karate chops…I am officially tired. And although it is good to identify with Job and try to understand his plight…I think we need a little pick-me-up…don’t you?!

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