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I am thankful Thanksgiving Tree

My heart overflows with thanksgiving today…for so many reasons…so it was fitting to make a Thankful Tree—which is our family’s tradition to do every year. Last year, we painted our tree on kraft paper so it could be displayed and then thrown away later. You can see it here. I bought a little die cut last here at Hobby Lobby that is shaped like little leaves. Each day my little ones each write ONE thing they are thankful for–and it goes on the Thankful Tree. It is SO MUCH FUN to read them all at the end of the month. I’ll never forget one of Laney’s from last year. She was 3 years old and said she was thankful for “mermaid shout”. When I asked her what that was–she said it is when a mermaid is scared–all she has to do is shout. OF COURSE that is what that is!!! And–she was thankful!

THIS year we are SO thankful to have 4 children…and oh my–it’s already November and we haven’t even put up our traditional painted tree yet. To be honest, I was thinking–if I’m busy NOW…I can only imagine how busy I’ll be in years to come…so I MIGHT need a “recycable tree”…so THIS year–I painted our tree on canvas. This one can be used year after year…or at least for the years we are too crazy to pull out the kraft paper and paint a new one!

I bought canvas at an art store a few years ago when it was on sale–I cut it the length and width I wanted and then cut the roll it came on to help support it at the top and weigh it down on the bottom.

I stitched a seem across the ends of both the top and bottom so I could slide the roll into both…

Then, I slid a ribbon through the top one which helps hang it later…

It’s a canvas ready to be painted:)

I just used a pen to draw my tree before I painted (a normal person would use a pencil…but you can’t find practical stuff like that around here when you need it!)

Then I painted in the lines…for the most part:). (a normal person would also go buy brown paint. BUT I was out…and Parker man wasn’t feeling good today so we were parking here all day. SO…I googled “what colors make brown”…yes I didn’t know…and just in case you didn’t either–it’s Yellow + Blue + Red…or Green + Red…or Yello + Purple…or Orange + Blue. I ran out of yellow, too, by the way…and I googled “how to make yellow” and apparently I’m not that bright b/c yellow is a primary color and you can’t make it…and that’s when I thought to mix orange with blue:). Anyway…here’s the painting in action…and don’t ya think mixing paint to make brown made the tree look cooler anyway b/c you can see some of the different hues? Just sayin’…some times when things require more work…it actually makes it more beautiful in the end:). I think there might be an analogy there;-)

After we finished the tree, we made turkey HANDPRINTS!!! SO FUN! We did the different colors in steps though and had to wait for each color to dry!

Just in case you wanted to know–Isaac DOES NOT LIKE making handprints. Note to self–keep this in mind for future craft projects…but the finished product was worth it…RIGHT Isaac?! Maybe he’ll thank me later?

NOW…we just have to die cut all of our leaves tomorrow…stick them in our “thanksgiving jar” that Mama Judy gave us last year…and the fun can begin!!! The kids look forward to this EVERY day…and it’s so sweet to watch thankfulness cultivate in their hearts!!! I love that some of the stems look like crosses…a reminder of what we are most thankful for.

Today I’m thankful for…

…although Parker wasn’t feeling well—we live in a country where I can take him to the doctor in the morning. We’ll have to cancel Isaac’s PT–but we’ll have a work out another day…praying Parker feels better soon…and thankful we have a Great Physician that heals…

…thankful that Isaac is home…and that although we are still figuring one another out–we’re getting there—I am thankful when I say, “Momma wants a kiss, kiss” that he leans his forehead toward me and giggles so I can kiss his little forhead…I’m so thankful he is getting better and being healed in so many way…so thankful for little and big things in his life…

I’m thankful that we celebrated another year of Frank’s life yesterday…although I’m sad to see him turn 2…I am thankful he is in good health…and that the biggest issues he has are eczema and his attitude…oh what a reason to be thankful!

…so thankful for Laney’s heart and the bond that we have as the girls of the house…YET–she continues to pray for a sister from Africa…you have to love her compassinate heart…oh this momma is thankful…

I am so thankful that I am married to a patient man…who puts up with my craziness…who is quick to forgive, slow to speak and slow to become angry…thankful for his silliness…and thankful that he also thinks life is too short and following God with abandon is the way to rock this place!

So many reasons to be thankful. What are you thankful for today??? How is God blessing you??? How do you see His hand EVEN in the midst of hardship?

A PRECIOUS sister in Christ reminded me tonight–HE KNOWS THE END OF YOUR STORY. Did you hear that??? In the midst of whatever hard thing you are going through–HE knows the end…because HE planned it!!! It will bring Him glory…He can be trusted…and IT WILL BE WORTH IT! Aren’t you THANKFUL we serve a God who knows the END of OUR stories…He knows the END of our trials and their purposes!!! And in Him…it is all finished—because if He can use us to receive praise and glory…it WILL be worth it…and in the end you will come out dancing!!! Psalm 30:11 “You turned my wailing into dancing, you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with JOY.”

Really…there is so much to be thankful for…and I’m bursting to share some of the goodness with you…but I’ll say this–if you are planning on coming to the adoption momma retreat…get ready. I’m excited about what GOD wants to do there!!! And once again–I see Him working as we plan the details—and I am just just amazed and THANKFUL!

Hope you all have a great week. I’ll probably be MIA for most of it with a little one down and out. And by the way…if you wonder how I pulled the tree off today among other things…I should have totally taken a picture of the sink and laundry;). Some times you just need a break from the chores and to have a little fun:).


What are you thankful for today??? Take a minute…think of just one thing…leave it in the comments!!! After you do…you just might see how contagious reflecting on what you are thankful for and why we are all about this activity as a family year after year!SOOOO…go head…think about it–and let me know! I can’t wait to read later what YOU are thankful for most today!!!

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