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When things break (Give Us Eyes to See)


Every single day–something will break.

Slow down. Ask for eyes to see.

Because it's not about how the world may crumble around you or that you are a failure and can't keep it together or that you aren't enough…or that nothing goes your way.


It's about choosing to see…changing perspective.

When things don't go as planned–EXPECTING to see something really amazing unfold from it…from small breaks and big breaks.

Just TODAY. I forgot my cell phone at home. 45 minutes from home when I realized it. Late for Parker's orthodontist fitting and with my phone as my navigation–LOST. I prayed for a sweet saint and help–and I walked in an office complex…and met a sister that reminded me of laughter and joy and we scrolled through her phone to find the way….a new friend that I will take a gift to later for her kindness…and He will work…because He always does.

Because I was late–the timing was perfect. They laughed on the phone when I told them how I was calling–and when I arrived the receptionist said, “You know your dear friend Melanie is about to be seen by the doc. Why don't you surprise her?” So I put my hands on her shoulders and with my best orthodontist voice said, “Let's lean you back and take a look in that big mouth of yours!” Laughter followed. And the biggest hug. I had no idea how much she needed that until she told me. (Love you Melanie!)

And on my way home–I thanked God for broken things.

Because in the broken-the Mender does miracles.

Every single day in the small and big broken–not going your way moments–breath…and thank Him for whatever He is up to.

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Double Digits, farm fun, school & Labor Day!

Our firstborn of 5 kids hit a MAJOR milestone (for us anyway!!)…and hit the double digits 1-0!! We started a tradition that is going to be so fun to do with each of children leading up to turning 10. We decided 10 and all the ages that follow sound SO much bigger than the single digits! SO for the 3 nights leading up to the big 1-0…your LAST days of being a single digit–you are taken out ALL by yourself and one parent for an ALL kid activity!

Countdown to 10…the 3rd night before the big day–Richard took P-man to Bruster's ice cream and he got whatever he wanted! His choice was a waffle cone (the biggest there!) with chocolate!

Countdown to 10…the 2nd night before–he and I went on a school night to one of his all time favorite places that he wished we had visited more–Chuck E. Cheese! We had the place to ourselves running in at 8pm on a school night and it is by FAR one of my all time favorite memories with this kid now. We laughed until our sides hurt! We cheered each other on at the game Deal Or No Deal (Boy did we rack up the tickets there!!). We played football toss, basketball (as we screamed at every success!) and skee ball until our wrists were sore. It was so fun together!!!!! And so fun laughing…just us!

Almost 1-0

Skee ball champs

The ball landed in 50 tickets!

being 100% kids!

Countdown to 10…day 1…the NIGHT before he turned 10…God tooooootallt planned that one FOR us! The next day we were taking his 6 best buddies to Lake LanierWorld Waterpark. It just so happened that 2 of his buddies needed to spend the night that were going so they could go. They also happened to be the friends he met when he was just 1!!! Lifetime friends. These two guys were on our reasons NOT to move when we were trying to decide to stay here or go to TN where Rich's “real” office is. Rich took these boys out to their favorite place followed by more ice cream! And of course lots of swim fun here!

The boys!


And then. In a blink. My baby turned 10! We had a sitter for the littles and we rocked it at LanierWorld from sun up to sun down!

Best buddies

This was the one moment they actually were all still:)

I may have cried that night after tucking him in. Not sad tears. But thankful. Thankful that we have had these 10 years. With good health. With seeing him come to know Jesus. Watching him grow into a boy of integrity. And these friends. These are the ones God has hand picked to be the ones grow with him. The day truly couldn't have been more perfect and I was so thankful some how each of these precious boys could be there as this momma stood in the background…watching them play…and praying for another amazing 10 ahead.

Oh AUGUST! You slay this momma!!! With his birthday also comes the start of school. Another year schooling for us at home. Our first day of K for Frank and Isaac!

Kindergarten Rocks!

When in Rome...

And I doooooo get a break once a week when they do their electives at a local church alongside 900 homeschool kiddos! They take everything from cake pops to karate to geography.

And then. There's always life on the farm. Had to stop at the Feed and Seed to get chicken feed. Frank convinced me every farmer needs a hat and overalls! Oh my heart!

My little cowboy

In other news…


1. Zeke got his head stuck in staircase railing. A must see Instagram video on my Instagram andrea.p.young shows my not so smart self sticking my head in to widen the rail for him. Um. Not my brightest moment but I was desperate to get his head out.

2. Our Created for Care team was invited to meet with Chick-fil-a to share about the ministry for adoption and foster mommas! We had such fun and there are some sweet things ahead with our ministry and Winshape!

3. With 4 boys and 1 girl–our girl convinced the boys to play prom with her…but she needed another couple for the double date. These two = HILaRIous!
4. And last but not least…LABOR DAY WEEKEND! We loooove spending time with this sweet singles community that Rich's best friend leads a house church for. They invited us on their weekend retreat and blessed our socks off with around the clock caring for our kids! Soooo fun!

We have been friends with these folks for 15+ years so it was a sweet weekend with friends who are like family!!!

And that wraps up August and now comes September! This week Loo starts back to ballet AND tomorrow is Zeke's FIRST day of preschool!!!!!!!

Have a sweet week!





Family Road Trip {Lake Michigan}

Going to catch up on documenting some of our recent fun! A few weeks ago Rich had a business trip scheduled for Traverse City, Michigan. He has several clients there so he goes every few months. After visiting Traverse City with him for the first time 5 years ago–we haven’t missed a summer taking the crew since! It is by far one of the most beautiful places to vacation in the country! I loooove Hilton Head–but I’m afraid not much can hold a candle to Lake Michigan. We are totally smitten with the mitten state:)

And yes–I often dress them the same when we travel, so I can easily spot them and I know exactly what they are wearing should one walk off. Oh these are so LoVeD!

My Loves

So instead of flying SEVEN to Michigan–we decided we would pack up the van…and DRIVE!

I was certain it would be something we would later regret. BUT Y’ALL! It was so FUN! We started off on the wrong foot with a broken DVD player and realized our 16 hour car ride to Traverse City would be filled with road games. After a few rounds of Eye Spy…the car tag game and the ABC sign game…I realized we had been in the car for 30 minutes;) (insert emoticon with BIG eyes!)

We pulled over at BestBuys where we bought a NEW DVD player and hopped on the road! Yay! We can do this!!! As soon as I got all the straps and wires set up (insert lots of “Rich–PLEASE drive careful while I do this so I don’t go flying out the window!)…we discovered it did NoT work. We laughed and decided to just be old school for this leg of the trip (7 hours)! Our plan was to stay in Cincinatti for the night which was near the Creation Museum as our first attraction to see.


Oh my. An attraction it was! There were even scenes in there that the wax figures made me uncomfortable;) Adam’s awkward arch here…um–keep walking kids.

Children. The Creation Museum. It’s how you were created. Moving on…
The grounds there were lovely! Full on par with ATL Botanical Gardens!

After the museum–we scooted to the heart of WKRP…Cincinatti! We followed our sweet local friends recommendations for pizza and ice cream. Oh my. Amazing. Oh my word the local recs are the way to go! Aflame sis Brothers for ice cream was the best I have EVER had!

Cutest place ever. And the server with the pink bow tie…perfection!

My sweet friend Maria Davis opened her home for our family for the night. Oh MY. The adoption momma community is a tight, sweet one! We stayed there and got right back on the road when the sun came up heading for Traverse!

We drove a solid 8 hours with the intention to stop at Best Buys and exchange the DVD that didn’t work for a new one…but that NEVER happened. Crazy right?! We embraced all things old school and it was actually fun!!

I use the UrbanSppon app for insight where to eat and half way there led us to a hole in the wall burger joint…that was really good…and cheap!

A few more hours…and we arrived at one of the most beautiful places on Earth…Lake Michigan! Oh the fun to be had here! Film Festival week and clear blue water without the salt or sharks!

The next days were spent playing on the water, in the Traverse Resort hotel pool, picking cherries and visiting with Richard’s client’s families!

Um. A few too many maybe on at once?!

Then…after a fun week we started our journey home but first stopped for a couple in another city to get in time with one of my dearest friends Carissa Woodwyk. She is AMAZING and has come alongside our Created for Care team for years now being the most beautiful voice for adoptees. She’s become one of my best friends in the world…and I’m so thankful for how she shines Jesus in my life and heart.

She is also braver than me…I’m terribly scared of heights and other things she’s not…so I take the pictures some time of those experiences instead of greeting too close:) It felt high…I promise;)

Lake Michigan is sooooo pretty! And the beaches!

After a super fun time with C…we headed to see my friend Lovelyn and have lunch and ice cream with her fun crew…

Yes! A lot of kids between just 2 moms!!!! But they are almost twice our size! And she mothers soooo gracefully and her children are all so sweet and loving to one another.

The next. Hold your breath…

The DeLorean.

If you do not know what this is…it’s a time machine. And you need to watch the movie. It’s important. And my homeopathic doc reminds me of Doc.:)
And then…these on the ride home.

We stopped in Louisville for dinner…(Zeke is happy here…his “cheese” face is just intense!)

Then we made it to Nashville after midnight and crashed! We were thankful for the big breakfast before our last leg home!

And…we finally made it to a Best Buy and RETuRnED the DVD player! Instead we got a single player to play my IEW Intensive Writing Skills DVD classes on for homeschool:)

We are already talking about our next ROAD trip next year but I think we want to just stay longer next time! We are so thankful for the friends we got to see and spend time with! And we are super thankful for my house sitter Tami who stayed here to feed the chickens and Oreo while we were gone!

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!






Test from ipad:)

Y'all. I'm seriously tech challenged. Rico Suave bought me an ipad 2…TWO…years ago so I could blog on the go…and I'm just now trying to figure this out. Sooo if this works yay! Testing. Testing. This is only a test;)



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