Team Lola {a fight against childhood cancer}

Many years ago;)–back in my photography days I met her mom. Not in person. But through a photography forum. We connected as we both had a heart for Africa. They were adopting from Ethiopia. We had a ministry in Zambia. We watched them grow. Later we grew through adoption as well. Then we watched them go. To Tanzania to be missionaries. Lola…their most precious princess–their little girl who was like my Laney–same age and so full of twirls and girly and life–got sick–so they came home to get to the bottom of it. Never did they imagine they were here to stay…to get their baby girl well.

Lola was diagnosed with cancer shortly after. And we were all shocked. Watching them move home from the mission field. Deep breaths. Here–this most precious family had gone to serve–and we scratched our heads…and took deep breaths and hit our knees…for their Lola.

That was well over 2 years ago.

Her fight began. She started chemotherapy to fight leukemia. A disease that took my littles grandpa much too early. A disease that we don’t like. A disease want to join others in fighting against in any way we can for the sake of little Lola’s all over the world.

This picture (above) was from a sweet time celebrating 2 years of completing chemotherapy. With her sweet, sweet family who I just adore to pieces…mmet the DeYoung crew:

There was a sweet, sweet time of celebration. And then this summer–the sweet princess relapsed. And those of us who have watched the journey–yet again hit our knees. This family–is beyond precious. They had been caring for host children who were orphans–and wanted to adopt…one who also had fought leukemia…because no one should have to fight alone…but when the relapse happen–their worlds again turned upside down. I’ve yet to meet Lindsey. Or Lola. But I am so on team Lola. Praying for her. Praying for a miracle. And cheering this family on…praying they would feel the Lord’s hand and His presence–and asking for a miraculous complete and forever healing of sweet Lola.

Over two years of fighting–and this sweet girl is still smiling. Not always of course–because treatment days are hard. But her fight continues. And as a friend–as a mom–I just want to be on Lola’s team. Praying for her. Cheering her on. Fighting with her. Will you join me??

Rachel Walsher at Proclaim promotions helped me design some rockin’ t-shirts. The proceeds of these t-shirts will go to help medical costs or little things Lola might need…blessings to remind her that she is not alone–and there is a BIG TEAM of moms and kids all over the U.S. who are also on her team–cheering her on, believing in her, praying for her and wanting to remind her that she is LOVED…BIG.

Will you join Team Lola and pray for her when your kids wear this? When you wear this tee–will you pray for her–pray for strength and for all those kids in throughout the world like Lola fighting childhood cancer??

We are going to have a PRE-SALE for TWO WEEKS! November 12th we will submit the total order–and the tees–will be printed and then shipped to us and out to you! THIS IS A PRE-SALE–to help us not have to buy tees and not sale them:) If you want to buy more than one–(kids and adults)–y’all I’m a stay-at-home, homeschool crazy momma–so if Paypal charges you twice for shipping–I’ll send the extra $4 back your way!! I’m too crazy to figure it all out:)

To show your Team Lola love–you have TWO t-shirt options!

Option 1: The regular pink tee – $20 for kids and $25 for adult tee (Available in Sizes: Kids 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and Adult S, M, L, 2XL)





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It only takes ONE minute to order a TEE and join Team Lola–and what a blessing it would be bless this family and join them in helping them care for the little and big things as Lola fights cancer. Will you join me??

Please feel free to share–and help us bless this sweet family! Excited to watch others join us! And super excited to bless Lola. We love you Lola girl and we are cheering you on!

If you would like to bless the DeYoung family directly–please contact me through my contact page.

Can’t wait to get my Baseball Tee on!



November 4, 2013 - 11:35 am

Mindi Freng - Is there a way to purchase more than one at a time and have them shipped together? Paypal isn’t letting me “add” to my order… Thanks for doing this. :)

November 12, 2013 - 9:15 pm

Katie Battjes - Hi! I just ordered a bball T. I’m not sure if I got the right size. SO sorry! I meant to do a girls size 8. I was having a hard time placing the order and all of the sudden I had paid. Thank you!!!

He is here. In You. Did you forget? {Remember.}


His body.

Oh–how we need it.

I almost forgot.

Richard and I have stepped into community. Sweet community. Missional community. At first as observers. It’s real. And now–stepping in further. Right now, we are one of the few married couples in this sweet community house church meeting on Monday nights. Mostly singles–75 or so–deeply committed to Jesus. Deeply committed to walking toward the cross…together.

What happened?

When did we…forget?

Why would we settled for less? Not fight for this?

I remember in college. Oh–the worship. The community. The life. It was sweet. For awhile after it left–I thought…but that was college. Those were the glory days. I remember that sweet community again–on a mission trip…while living in East Asia month after month desperate to walk together with the body of Christ…and some times times visiting for a short hour with close friends when it had been too long…oh if this could just be real life I thought. But. This is life now.

We get married. We have children. We find our church. We plug ourselves in a ministry. We worship. In a “community” some times so large–so large–that no one would really miss you if you were gone. They might wonder–but it’s just too busy…the thought would be fleeting…and life would move on–but here…you stay for “community”. The worship is good. The teaching is good. They even have quarterly gatherings where you mingle–ask the same questions. How is work? Do you work? Oh–I asked that last time…forgive me. How are the kids? Do they like school? We should really get together some time. So good talking to you–I’m going to go grab coffee…and my husband…and quietly leave. Sit around the table. Another speaker. Pass around the questions. Talk amongst yourselves. Ask and answer the questions. Share. Times up. Go home. This is community—right?

Oh–how we have forgotten.

But community. Missional–deep community…where they know your heart…where you know theirs…where truth and encouragement are spoken into your soul because they know you…because they know Him. Where tears are shed as you hear–because the truth not only sets you free…but this is the truth spoken from the body of Christ–Christ in other people. And THIS. This is community. Deep community. This is where life lives deeply. Authenticity fills the air–and the lies and whispers disappear. Truth breaths refreshing exhales that took much too long to come again. And I am remembering.

Who He is.

Who I am.

Because of a real encounter with the body of Christ–active and living and alive. And without deep community…without the body of Christ…we can too easily forget.

So every other Monday night–we hire a sitter. We race down 30 minutes to the city. And we creep in this house church in the back. We breath. I wipe away my tears as I listen. Because I had no idea what I was missing. And Richard and I have a calling in our hearts to dive in. Live life in this community–and then figure out how to bring this to ours.

Tonight I was reminded. Reminded who I am in Christ. Do you remember? Like me–were you tired? Does it feel like all the “Christian” organizations around you…you have gone to hoping to find community–only to walk away…feeling lonely–like an alien…and wondering…where will I ever fit? That fish out of water complex. But oh–listen to this. You. Are. Not. A fish out of water. You are simply…simply…just maybe–out of community…missional–life-giving community. And you need it. I thought I was a fish and I’d have to just be one until I saw Jesus face to face. But in deep, real, living community–I see that is not the case at all. And I am seeing now more clearly that too much and too many are trying…but we are just missing it…missing Him.

And y’all. This is the good stuff. The real stuff. The stuff that makes you be a risk-taker. A peacemaker. Joyful. Free. Alive in Him.



Waiting. Oh how He wants us to see Him! To walk with Him! To know Him.

To get on our knees with other believers and share our hearts. To pray together. Really pray together. Share our hearts. Open our hearts. Open our lives. To worship together. To love our families together. Take risks together. TOGETHER.

We have protected our lives, our families, our children, our homes, our schedules…and we missed TOGETHER.

How the body of Christ needs to be woven so tightly–so intimately–so beautifully in every fold!

Our hearts needs this community–this deep community–what is truly the body of Christ. Hand and foot and arm and head…eyes and ears and knees and toes…every part needing the other. And really doing life–TOGETHER.

Because if not together–then the leg is missing…the arms maybe too–and then…maybe then–yes–just maybe you are that fish.

The beauty of this deep together–is how it draws me to Christ. Us to Christ. To the cross. Together.

“Follow me,” He said. And they did. Not one…not two…but many—TOGETHER.

How authentically the body of Christ draws us to His presence.

And then it all makes sense. Why He said it was the church He came for.

Why He said it was worth dying for.


This is life.

So sweet.


And something we will live for.

He is faithful…and I am thankful. How I want to just live through His power…in His presence…and breath this life into the lives of my children and those around me. Thank you Jesus for the living, active and beautiful body of Christ and your presence in it! May we all find this in our lives and be drawn deeper into your daily presence in our lives!!

He loves you!


November 14, 2013 - 8:22 pm

Andrea - I am so right there with you. I loved this post and written a little bit recently on my blog about a study we are doing from Timothy Keller. We, the church, are desperately seeking community and as he points out, I believe we truly need it in order to have a deeper relationship with God on our own.

A sweet weekend…

Just a quick family update–because I rarely have time to update as we are chasing 5 littles! This weekend Cousin Emily got married–and Loo-bear was the flower girl. P-man and Frankie baby participated in the fun! AND Zeke and Isaac went off for the FIRST time together to Nana and Papa’s…Zeke’s FIRST weekend away since he’s been home from China (almost 4 months now!)

Here is momma with her 3 oldest loves…

Loo bear did an amazing job walking down the aisle. So sweet!! And ZEKE…he did GREAT at his first weekend away!! ONLY–his Papa was naughty and took full advantage of his being away from us. The stinker went out and bought Zeke and Isaac BAMA gear. He should be ashamed of himself considering Rico Suave is a Bulldog and I’m an Auburn girl. This is how my children are returned to me…

Such a mess…but such sweetness.

Four months home and our love is adjusting with such grace and big love. So proud of him and all the changes he has endured. He is saying a few English words and phrases! After 4 months home some are: I uv you (I love you), cookies, mama, dada, I-ack (Isaac), Wane (Laney), Arker (Parker) and of course…no, no, no, no, NO! He is a typical, lovable, scrumptious 2 year old and we are so connected already–and I am thankful.

And update how the bigs are doing. Adjustment bringing home a new one is not just hard some times for the littles–but some times hard for the bigs–but this time–they have adjusted so smoothly and with such BIG LOVE. They were upset this weekend to have Isaac and Zeke gone. Laney cried at the wedding saying she was just so happy and just so sad! Sad that Zeke and Isaac weren’t with us–but just so happy that Cousin Emily was getting married to Kevin! So sweet.

Another sweet moment that must be documented. A conversation between Parker and I last week. So many worry and ask how their big kids might be effected by adoption. THEY WILL BE effected. And this is just one way how they might be…We drove past a Chinese restaurant called ChinChin and this conversation happened:

Parker: “MOM! ChinChin! That has got to be a Chinese restaurant–right?”

Me: “Yep! That’s right. Parker, if you had to pick ONE moment in China–just ONE day that was your favorite what would you say? The day we went to the Great Wall? Or what about that awesome Chinese circus? There were so many places we visited and things we did–what was your FAVORITE?”

Parker: “Mom. That’s easy for me. It was when I saw him walk through that door. At the orphanage. He was so little. And scared. And shy. It was the first time I saw him. Then that night–Laney and I had him laughing. We had him in that laundry basket–singing ‘Make way for Prince Ally” and he was laughing. Everything changed that day. Yep. That was my favorite.”

Oh my heart. Yes–your children will be changed.

And I did my best to play the “cool boy mom” as we drove.

Me: “Yep. That was cool Parker. Totally an awesome day.”

We continue to trust the Lord to write our stories–and to trust Him for healing over our children as they adjust. We are so thankful for how He grows families…some times through brokenness–but such JOY comes in the morning as we trust in Him.

Indeed. Parker–that was my favorite day too.

Much love to you all!


October 29, 2013 - 9:51 am

Beth - Wow….I am impressed at your ability to control your emotions when your little guy said that about his little brother! I’d have been blubbering all over the place!! Haha!!
We are working on bringing a little girl, Haoren, home from China. We have just started the process but have picked her out. We’ve been accepted by our agency and are working on getting our preliminary paperwork to China for their ok to adopt this special needs little sweetheart. We have adopted before…a little boy from an interrupted adoption. We also have a BUNCH of big kids! By the way, thank you for the Chinese cheat sheet! It will come in handy!! Blessings, Beth

What We’re Doing Right {Not another article how the church and it’s people have it all wrong}

The church.

The people.



Orphan Care.

The poor.

The world.

All of these–require a key thing to do things right. It’s what Jesus came for. It’s what He died for. And it’s a single word.


It seems like every time I open my computer, Facebook or whatever–there’s another article being circulated how we, the church and it’s people are screwing everything up. How we are hurting more than helping by giving and going. How to take apart a ministry to see if they are serving right. 5 things you should be looking for. Missional community being desired but it doesn’t work because everyone is too busy. Mission trips are bad. Mission trips are good. The church has orphan care all wrong. Organizations plan conferences to discuss, discuss and discuss some more…and it makes me think of that boy who went fishing.

Because y’all. There are people fishing–but they are too busy to share. Too busy to tell. Too busy to shine the light on themselves to say LOOK and see what the Lord is doing–and it is GOOD.

So there was this boy who wanted to fish. He LOVED fish. He talked about fish. He dreamed about catching fish. So he decided to invite people who were professional fish catchers to a building to talk about fishing. To learn how to fish. To talk about how not to fish. Others who loved fish came. LOTS came. It was such good banter that they decided to get together more and invite more to talk about fish…how to bait the hook…how to cast the pole–how to find the deep holes…and catch A LOT OF FISH. Their ideas were good. And they were right on some of their strategies–like an empty hook rarely catches fish. There are right and wrong ways. They were so excited about their ideas–they came home and wrote articles to tell others how to catch fish and how not to catch fish. The only problem was though–no one caught a fish that weekend.  And maybe next week they could–but there is another meeting about catching fish–so it will have to…wait.

The church.

The people.



Orphan and Widow Care.

The poor.

The world.

Y’all. I think we are talking more about the fish. More about the bait. More about how the ones fishing are doing it all wrong–than actually fishing ourselves. BECAUSE. Because if you have time to talk about the wrongs–if your hands are deeply in the buckets…full…you have no time…NO TIME…to talk about the methods. YES. Yes, there is wisdom in taking things apart and in learning from others–”when helping hurts”. But if we leave out the good–if we fail to delight and celebrate where and how He is working–then just maybe…we are the ones who have it backwards. The Lord IS doing AMAZING things in His church, through His people, through community, in missions, in orphan care, through the poor and in the world. I believe the enemy works MORE in us writing articles about how everything is wrong rather than shining light on what Jesus is doing and what is working and running right.

When you choose to write publicly about everything that is wrong–are you also writing about what is right? Because when I look around–y’all–I just don’t see all the failure. Yes, I see where man fails (because we’ve kinda had that figured out since the beginning)–but more than that–I do see where things are happening in all of these areas that are true miracles (where He works through even our failures for His glory and good–and oh my…it’s AMAZING!). There is absolutely no way you could have your hands in these and NOT see it…or not share it.

And God is good. He is alive. And oh my glory–is He ever working in these areas. You might be discouraged every where you look seeing articles of people taking everything apart. It brings fear. You feel like you don’t know enough to know how to help the poor or you just got majorly intimidated if you try to do orphan care you will do it wrong–SO…you decide not to do it at all. But y’all. That is the enemy. And this one–he will not win. (Okay. So now I sound crazy and I’ll get a few comments and unkind remarks for that boldness;). I’ll take it though.:).

Tonight. I just wanted to say a few amazing things that I see happening RIGHT here…right here around me.

The church. I ran into a homeless lady not too long ago. We had a sweet conversation. We spent some time together–I called my church. They acted. They looked after her. They did more than I could with 5 littles ones in my home. Later I ran into a couple needing help–I led them to my church–and without anyone seeing…with the world taking them apart…the church quietly found this family a place to live, provided for them until they could get on their feet–so they would not lose their dignity. No big screen story. No testimony to pat the church on the back. And I only discovered the helper to this family–the church–through running into them. Wow. We can go to this church…and complain that it’s programs don’t meet our needs. But when the needs of others are desperate–they are there. Unseen. Unblogged about. Over and over, it’s taken apart. This church. The church and it’s people–Jesus came for and died for. It will never meet our needs because it is not Jesus. But if we knew what the church was up to–we might be surprised. It’s good. I’m amazed. And I’m thankful.

It’s people. I shared a need a few months ago. There was a little boy in Zambia who attends our school. We needed to raise $5,000 for his chemotherapy. On a recent mission trip (YIKES! Those things I’ve read aren’t done well recently) a trip goer spotted a lump on one of our boys legs. We are Zambian run–so this isn’t something they see often. We had it evaluated. It was cancer. And how does an orphan get his his cancer treated? Hmmm. Oh my heart. I shared the need. Next day–I received a phone call. From a couple in California. A busy couple with a new baby–who wanted to pay $5,000 for cancer treatment for a boy named Shadrach they would never meet. This, y’all, is orphan care done right. Take it apart left and right–but this boy will live. He has a chance of life now–and so far his treatments are successful, and we are seeing improvements. A busy newlywed couple across the country who have never laid eyes on this boy…the church…it’s people…the body…they are rising up and doing something. It may not be perfect. But it’s the best we can do. And we are doing what we can–the best we can. God is working. And it is good.

Community. I’m in a small town in north Atlanta. Big city. But it feels like little community. My husband has lots of single friends. (Ladies–if you are in Atlanta–you totally need to come hang out with us;). But seriously–we decide to go to this little community group full of single folks. Believers. Meeting weekly. And I’m amazed. About 75 folks are getting together in a house–bringing potluck every week. Now we are a part of that sweet 75. We might be the only married couple there–but it’s community and it is sweet. We huddle together as we sing worship on Monday night. We dig through God’s Word. We encourage one another. And it doesn’t matter that we are in a different place than all these folks–because it is community…missional community…and it is sweet. A couple of people felt led to try for a heart dream of missional community–which now results in shoulder to shoulder Monday nights…with lots of laughter, a house full of prayers and I have like 75 babysitters now for my crew too;). These community groups, missional community groups, are happening all over. No they are perfect. No–your community might not have one. BUT if this is your desire–y’all there is sweetness in them–so don’t be afraid to start one. Don’t worry about what it needs or doesn’t need or how folks might not come or how someone might take it apart. If missional community is the desire of your heart, instead of complaining–pray about stepping out in faith–finding others to join you and trying one in your home no matter how big or small it might be.

Orphan care and widows. I watch my friends down town caring for social orphans. They sold their home. They live in the city–in the heart of Atlanta. Caring for kids. Taking risks. And loving big. Every day. Their 3 year old’s bike is stolen off their front porch and crazy things happen. But they are doing their calling well–and it’s amazing to me. I watch the Jones’s. A family in their late 40′s here in Atlanta serving with Wiphan. Tirelessly they serve. Running a ministry across the world. Employing widows to foster and care for orphans—teaching widows to run small houses as house moms…orphans now cared for–someone to watch over them–and widows who had nothing now with a job and purpose. Developing a skills training program for these widows–100% of the widows have received employment in their community after graduation. AMAZING. Unheard of right? Not really. This stuff is happening all over the world–just no one is blogging or writing about THIS part. Why? When your hands are full–you have little time to document–and certainly no time to take it or every other ministry apart. You see what is wrong when your hands are in it…so you don’t need anyone to write online to tell you how it’s all wrong. I promise you that those aren’t the people reading those articles–but instead folks who might want to jump in–but who are now discouraged. There are amazing, amazing, AMAZING things happening. I believe too many, TOO MANY, for those with their hands in it to even stop to write about. It’s exciting–truly exciting–to watch and be apart of! Recently we had an orphan taken away by an aunt from the school–it was a sketchy, scary situation–and when she found freedom–she had a safe place to run. She knew exactly what city, what school to go to–where to find safely…where she would  be cared for without expectation. Monthly, our sponsors, give–and they miss out…because they don’t get to see WHERE their money is going to. Oh my–but if they could…how blessed they would be! Yet monthly, they give with faith and with joy. There are 450 orphans off the street in a very imperfect school–but daily they are safe and off the streets. And God is good.

The church y’all–is alive and well–shining light in the darkness. Serving Him–running with Him–following Him–it’s such an exciting place to be! He is alive and well–more than well–overflowing in His goodness…healing the sick (I am one of them!)…empowering the weak…watching over the poor…being a Father to the fatherless! Truly–so much good is happening–and if we read the articles instead of jumping in…we might just miss it! If we let their pessimism of how the church and it’s people don’t know how to serve and how they are screwing it all up–then we might be frozen and scared to serve…and the enemy gets just what he wants–a bunch of His people with so much potential and gifts filled with fear to live out their calling to allow Jesus to work big and mightily through them. There are so many following the Lord–building and investing in relationship here and across the world–people slowing down–listening–hearing–acting–loving. It’s such an exciting thing to watch. I believe the Lord is working more–right now–in our day–than ever in history. Just open your eyes and see–look for Him and you, too, will see. And it is GOOD!

Be encouraged. Get excited. Step out in faith! He will provide! He is with you. And He is so good!!

Thankful to be a small part of His great big plans!




October 10, 2013 - 8:08 am

Sarah - Andrea, thanks for writing this! Very encouraging and refreshing to see positive talk about the church. I find it to be true that all too often there’s too much talk and not enough action. It’s amazing that God’s work prevails despite anyone’s lack of involvement or disagreement – which is a testament in itself to God’s goodness! Praise God!

October 10, 2013 - 8:40 am

Jennifer - Yes, yes, and YES!!! Thank you so much for sharing this. I am so weary of the judgment and negativity and finger pointing. This is so timely.

October 10, 2013 - 8:55 am

Becky Gerig - I’m crying over the fact that someone took time to write this! Truth! What a breath of fresh air!

October 10, 2013 - 9:22 am

Stacy - Great job!!! Way to be bold. This is truth. We have been focusing too much on people’s issues and mistakes and when we do that, it takes our eyes off of Jesus. We are called to share his love, not point out everyone’s mistakes and try and fix them. This does nothing but cause hurt and like you said, fear. We are all human, and we will all fail from time to time. I believe it breaks Gods heart more than anything to see the church divided and see Christians focused on other Christians mistakes and trash. We all have some sort of trash that Jesus already paid the price for! . We need to get back to sharing His love and fixing our eyes on Him and not nitpicking others mistakes so much! This has been on my heart a lot lately as well. Great job!

October 10, 2013 - 11:45 am

Jeff Seevers (@jseevers) - “I want to pick a fight because I want someone else’s suffering to matter more to me. I want to slug it out where I can make a meaningful difference. God says He wants us to battle injustice, anyone who gets distracted with the minutiae of this point or that opinion is tagging out of the real skirmish. God wants us to get some skin in the game and to help make a tangible difference.” – Bob Goff #lovedoes

October 10, 2013 - 11:47 am

Lauren Casper - Amen. Thank you Andrea!! LOVE YOU!!!

October 10, 2013 - 2:06 pm

Erica - This means so much to me! I have been so discouraged lately with all the negativity towards the church and adoption. And, a small part of me wondered if I was doing the wrong thing (the enemy). This spoke so much truth and gave me so much encouragement that “yes”, God is for adoption!

October 10, 2013 - 8:45 pm

Jeanine - You are NOT crazy, you are RIGHT, sister! The enemy’s most successful tactic is to destroy the church from within! Way to preach TRUTH!

October 10, 2013 - 9:28 pm

jenniferb - Thank you for being a voice for so many! I have heard enough negative, unproductive, self righteous, attention seeking, chatter. So sad to see the enemy using believers to stifle the good works of their brothers and sisters are doing!

October 10, 2013 - 10:35 pm

Beth Templeton - Andrea, you have spoken so well of the Bride. We must never forget that the Church (even the ones we disagree with!) is who Jesus died for–the ones he is coming back for. I so appreciate how you are honoring His Bride, for I believe it is never in Jesus’ heart to dishonor the ones he loves, as is so common. Well done friend!

October 10, 2013 - 11:10 pm

Shilo - YEAH! Standing and cheering… and some tears of celebration. Thank you, thank you.

October 11, 2013 - 1:52 am

Kathy Vaughan - Thanks so much, Andrea, for this. When I read all the negativity that’s circulating, I wish people could come and see what God is doing where I work in Uganda. And everywhere the stories are repeated. He is the Redeemer, and He is at work redeeming His lost world, calling people from every nation to Himself, and using His imperfect church to do it.

October 13, 2013 - 4:43 pm

Jennifer - So exactly what I needed to hear!

October 16, 2013 - 6:22 am

Carla - This is so encouraging to me! I wrote you an email about how I was fearful about adopting for the wrong reasons. Really, it was just the enemy putting people in my path to discourage me.

I needed this today! <3

October 17, 2013 - 9:20 pm

Marci - You nailed it with this post,Andrea. God is doing such good work through the Holy Spirit with you and your family. Saying ,Yes, My Lord…is action packed. One day years ago 20 or so , we got a call from David Hicks. He was watching 2 girls struggling using a pay phone . He pulled over to help them . They had suitcases with them . They were from Antigiua. They were legally here but clueless of how to cope with life in America. That one intersection was more cars than they had seen in their lifetime. Dave call me and and shared that these girls had no place to stay . He was going to his church to ask for anyone to give them a home to stay in until they got there feet on the ground. He wanted to know if we could put the girls in our home until the church responded. I VERY reluctantly said yes. I truly wished I had not picked up the phone (no caller ID’s ) Dave said , you and Doc have a big home and it sure would be a blessing …Mary and Dave had refugees staying in their home. I told Doc that night and assured him it was temporary.It ended up years and years that they lived with us . We sent both of them to nursing school ,they both got married. They also had other church friends of theirs move in . AT one time we had 5 Antiguan’s . They all had jobs . They lived with us for almost 10 years and one never left so she is going on 19 years. No rent is charged, they are family. You , Andrea , are such a cool person. You do it ,girl .

One year ago…

One year ago–on September 30, 2012…I sat down in the very chair I’m sitting in. It was late. And I was praying for children across the world. As I was scrolling down praying, I saw a picture of my son for the very first time. Full of pink. Full of preciousness. And my heart–oh I needed him as much…if not more than he needed me.

My precious friend, Carissa Woodwyk, recently wrote a post…about those eyes. A must read. You can read it here. Those eyes that capture us…and there is a sense of holiness…as Carissa says it “the heart of Jesus himself–in those eyes” captivating our hearts…drawing us in to love and be loved.

I couldn’t wait to be a mommy again. [The Lord put this desire in my heart--and in my husband's heart as well.] This love was needed. Was longed for. And we wouldn’t be complete without him. I’m so blessed that right now my love is sleeping upstairs…still with those pudgy little cheeks. So much time I missed–but so much time now I get to be here for. So blessed. So thankful.

And tomorrow night. I get to sit down with Tetiana…her parents…my family…my new love on my hip–and celebrate all the Lord has done as we celebrate Princess T being home a year.

Tonight I go to bed with a full heart. And I’m totally anticipating my normal 3am waking…when I get to reach over, put him between us and sleep until the morning together.




September 27, 2013 - 2:16 am

Rory - Love this story and the beautiful one God is continuing to write for your family. Sweet dreams mama!

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