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When You Wish It Was Your Turn {He Cares for You}

I confess.

Some days–alright–MANY days…I feel served OUT.

But then I rest. He restores. And I get back up and serve again.

I find myself in a season of caring my children–and caring for many others in between. My heart longs to be in community–so to do so…I find myself often creating it. Inviting many over. And it is sweet and good.

I find myself wanting deep friendships. I hear a need…of a dear friend…so I offer. And I serve. The friendship deepens in the service. And it is sweet.

I used to have a photography business–but I stopped to pour into my children because the editing and order delivery took so much of my family time–yet I find myself now gifting more sessions than I ever took when in business each week.  I hear whispers of BOUNDARIES…and taking care of myself…and saying NO–and how it’s okay to say NO or not offer–yet some times the offering hits my heart–and obedience comes before selfishness. I hear another boundaries whispering…I BROUGHT YOU HERE TO SERVE…AND YOU ASKED–TO BE MORE LIKE ME.

But I’m tired Lord. What about me? Do I get to rest? 

I check my email. Another request of me. I want to set it aside. But I can’t. It lingers. So I serve some more. I find my heart getting frustrated–what about just wanting to email me to encourage instead of ask another service? What about the just wanting to invest BACK…you know I scratch your back then you scratch mine? What about MEEEEEE?!

Matthew 20.

When the ten heard about this, they were indignant with the two brothers. Jesus called them together and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave–just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.”

And that’s enough.

There’s the refining.

When we ask to be more like Jesus–it comes at a cost. A sweet, sweet, refining cost.

There will be a whole lot of more serving than being served.

A whole lot more loving than being loved back.

But in the service–somethings beautiful happens. In the moving the boundaries aside and being overprotective of my heart, my time or even my family–He speaks to my heart. BECAUSE…I do not need them to love me back. I do not need them to serve me back. I just need HIM–and He promises to care for me. And would could be greater than trusting and waiting on His care alone?

Luke 12.

“Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. For life is more than food, and the body more than clothes. Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds! Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?

“Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today, and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, how much more will he clothe you—you of little faith! And do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink; do not worry about it. For the pagan world runs after all such things, and your Father knows that you need them. But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.

“Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom. Sell your possessions and give to the poor. Provide purses for yourselves that will not wear out, a treasure in heaven that will never fail, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

As I meditate on His Word He shows my heart ways He continues to care for me. Through a once stranger…my Mama Judy…who is now another mother to me. There may only be a handful or even just 1 or 2 angels like these that come to your mind–but trust the Lord’s provision–because even as I remember just this one–I’m overwhelmed with how He cares for me. Why this angel has knocked on my door for the last 7 years every season–is only His sweet love knowing what my heart needs. I can trust in His provision and care. He is enough.

So this week as we prepare to host or be hosted–serve…and pick up…and do laundry and whatever He calls us too–we can rest knowing He cares for us and serves us. He is enough.

We can rejoice in ever act of serving through our hands that THIS…this is what makes us more like Christ as we serve others.

We can stop asking, “When is it my turn?” Because He paid it all–for us.

We can be aware of “healthy boundaries” but also more aware of when the Holy Spirit says, “Set those aside. Just serve. And trust me.”

We can love bigger than we thought bigger out of energy we didn’t even know we had within us. And it won’t be our strength but HIS.

For Him I am so thankful. For His love and not giving up on me…that He still uses me–despite my having to work through some things until I finally get to the point of wanting…WANTING to offer…WANTING to serve…WANTING to act like one of His flock and serve without being served back. Then the JOY follows…and I’m thankful it isn’t about ME any more. It’s not about how much I can handle–but rather what beautiful things He does through us in our WEAKNESS. Where we are weak He is strong. This–I am so thankful for.

So I open my hands…and I say…Change me Lord. Make me more like YOU. I want to be here not be served–but to just serve…and to shine your glory. Forgive me Lord and sweet friends when I have been tired or not excited about serving…if that ever was present or obvious…please forgive me because I must have been serving in my own flesh. But I open my hands today to serve out of Your great big love…with excitement and joy and love. This is only your changing love and your sweet grace we can do this. Oh how great You are!! May we serve big and love out of your strength this Thanksgiving…Amen!

Marriage: Worth Fighting For {More than just getting by}

We met when I was 24–and we got married at 25. I had just returned from missionary work overseas for a year–and was certain I was returning indefinitely so the last thing I was looking for during my brief year or two of teaching years in Atlanta was a beau. In fact–he really shook up my plans after his persistency won my heart, and unlike most couples dating we started our courtship off with counseling. Sure of my calling to the nations–my heart now felt it needed to be talked out of love and marriage or guilt free that it was okay to stay for this amazing man God had brought into my life. I was one confused cookie as China was all my heart could think about yet Richard didn’t feel called to go to China–but leaving him forever for China–I wasn’t able to swallow that idea either. Ultimately-when the doors to that church opened, I left China at the cross and trusted God to bring us to China together if it be His will. We started our marriage knowing our sacrifices, dreams that might be lived out differently than what we had imagined and even with a lot of loss as his father passed away just days after he placed an engagement ring on my finger. They say hardship will either make or break you–and we went in feeling like we were blessed…and with so much to walk through together early–it was making us closer and stronger just starting out. Our first Christmas card…


Fast forward 10 years–we did China together. Not as I might have dreamed 10 years earlier. Ten years later, he and I were on a plane for the first time together to China, and we spent our 10th anniversary together there as we were adopting our 5th child. It didn’t even dawn on us the magnitude of that and how God answers the desires of our hearts in amazing ways until we were packing and reminiscing of our engagement and wedding 10 years earlier.  Sweet! Our 10th anniversary would be spent helping our 2 year old who had never known family adjust and learn what family is. There was no better way I could imagine spending our 10th anniversary. Very sweet. BUT–helping a toddler adjust to family after 2 years in an orphanage–not easy either. Not easy for him–or the other kids–or our marriage either.

Big real fears–we were scary strangers to him! So those first days, weeks and months are spent tirelessly building trust at all hours of the day…and very often through the night. Honey (whispering)…we made it. Today was a good day. Isn’t he perfect? Did you see his face when I came around the corner earlier tonight and…honey? Honey? Night love…


Growing no matter how you grow can be exhausting. Beautiful–but even good stress and all the heavy, long anticipated moments and good emotions can be exhausting on a trip like this one! We had decided to just take our oldest 2 with us–and leave the younger 2 home with family because the younger 2 were still nappers–and jet lag + nappers never mix well. PLUS we knew our little guy had been diagnosed with epilepsy and we had no idea what to expect. The older two understood this, while the younger two would have been really confused at first.

Marriage wise–we had already been through a lot together. Losing Richard’s father our first year together. Walking through that in the years to follow. Growing quickly after marriage…the double older duo was back-to-back blessings–good surprises coming the summer after we got married and Laney, our second, was just 14 months after our first was born. Three years gap the younger 2 who are just 8 months apart. No–we didn’t do that on our own:). Our 4th was also brought to us through adoption–and there was a time when some how we managed 4 littles under 5. It was a time of full hands and full hearts…


For many couples, having children is an incredible bond–something you share so much joy in together. For us in those first years, it was very much that. With the margin we had in our lives after our first two children, we prayed about children who didn’t have families and a fruit of that was our helping start a 501-c3 in Zambia/Africa called Wiphan Care Ministries that provides uniforms, meals and an education to orphans and support for widows. We felt done growing our family and excited to pour into this ministry–until I started holding and loving on these kids in Zambia and knowing them by name.  The reality of orphans became very personal to me–and coming home…holding my own babies–our hearts began to long to desire to grow through adoption adding a 3rd to our bunch.

But in March 2008, while Richard was in Zambia on a trip to the schools there–I discovered we were pregnant and our 3rd child would join us in November. As we prayed about adopting “one day”–the Lord just stirred a greater desire–and we began the process of adopting our 4th child shortly after our baby was born. So–look at that crazy picture up there…our younger boys are just 8 months apart and I think we got more looks in public for having 4 children under age 5 instead of our being a transracial family.

In all honesty–for us–this is when things got hard…or more challenging to connect in our marriage. We had brought home a special needs child who required lots of trips to the doctor, lots of weekly physical therapy. At the same time we discovered our oldest had dyslexia so we had some new schooling options to consider. Regardless if there was a name on our newest son’s special need (which we had)–I now realize that any child brought home through adoption often requires a lot more (emotionally and often physically) than a child who hasn’t been through any change and/or trauma in his/her past. Sensory problems are present in almost every adopted child. Study what happens to neurotransmitters in the brain when a baby is separated from his/her biological mom, and it makes sense why these precious ones need so much more of our time, energy and hearts to heal–another post for another day!

Although not all adoptions are special needs from a labeling standpoint, when you understand what happens in the brain during separation you begin to see that every adopted child comes with special needs—and almost every adoption can bring similar stress to a family and marriage that a special need does. Now take into account that research shows that 80 percent of marriages with a special needs child ends in divorce, and I think you realize how extremely important it is for adoptive families to have their radar on when it comes to maintaining strong marriages through new and special needs that require so much of adoptive parents. Our children need more of us to learn what families are and to heal–and often more of us with other special needs (therapies, doctor visits, counseling sessions, etc) and we–the mommies and daddies–need to be doing everything we can to connect and fight for our marriages.

For so many years after bringing our 4th son home–we felt like we were fighting for him. Fighting to get through paperwork. Fighting to get the hoops all jumped through so we could travel. Fighting for the right diagnosis once we were home. Fighting to get him better. Fighting to make sure our other 3 children felt loved and our presence. This fighting for our children–ACTUALLY FELT LIKE IT DREW US TOGETHER. For a time.

We would cheer one another on. We would look out for one another’s fatigue. We would listen to one another lament and pat each other’s back. When you have a special needs child–small things feel like such victories…so when our son walked for the first time before he turned 2 years old–it felt like we were living the dream! God was healing our sweet boy and all those therapies were paying off! Can you HEAR the music that we must have heard in the background (a vague but audible Rocky theme song in the background)! BUT what we didn’t realize is that we were also like Rocky living in constant SURVIVAL MODE. We were so busy taking care of everyone else–often we failed to take care of US.

I want to do more than survive. I want more than an okay or even good marriage. I want to thrive and have a GREAT one.

The Lord took us through more in the next few years. An illness. Getting well. A miscarriage. Another adoption.  A new appreciation for one another. After our miscarriage our hearts both longed to grow again as we had prepared in our hearts to grow again…but our hearts were broken–together…and some times this is bonding and good too. As we were praying over waiting children together–our hearts were both moved toward one little boy who would become our son–and just 9 months later there we were–on that flight…our 10th anniversary trip…with our 2 oldest children to bring him home.

Now–you might be reading this saying, “Woooooaaaa cowboy! Slow down! You have some work to do!” I have no doubt that the Lord had called us to grow again. BUT. I believe He was really calling us to ALSO slow down in our DAILY life to look at one another, to remember and to connect–for our marriage.

To just look at one another…

To remember…

To connect…

Going back to these three things has been life-giving and transforming for our marriage and family.

1. To just look at one another–and see the person we fell deeply in love with that not even a heart for a place as big as China could keep us apart. To look at one another, to admire, to watch as we used to watch each other–learn one another because we loved each other–and flirt…be silly…dance.

2. To remember…to remember what makes ME tick and for him to remember the things that make HIM tick…because it was the ticking that we also fell in love with! The things I love to do in my spare time (SPARE TIME? Um there was I time I think I had forgotten and I would have said–I just do diapers!) There were things about me that he loved–that had just disappeared and vice versa. I loved that he played and was good at golf when we met. But by the time our 5th child came home–golf was only a yearly thing he might do with his old golf buddies.

You see–one thing I have learned is this: It is important to remember and maintain your own passions and for your spouse to do the same. Sure–they may be less frequent, but our passions are what makes us who we are and are a part of why and how we fell in love with our spouses to begin with. There’s something about those passions that bring rest to our souls and makes us feel alive ready to love bigger at the same time. Progress always follows times of rest–because our hearts and physical bodies need that. We begin to operate on empty tanks when we don’t make time to remember our passions and take time for ourselves. People who operate on empty tanks operate on short fuses–leading to less grace and lack of patience in our relationships–not a good combination for any marriage.

3. To connect…to make time for one another just to connect. Finding a babysitter for 5 children is not an easy task. Finding a babysitter for 5 children some of who have special needs and big fears of new faces–seems near to impossible! Family is always a great solution, but often you might not have grandparents who are able to come help. You will have to fight for time to connect the more kids you have and the less help and support you have. You may have to actively seek out help in ways you aren’t comfortable–but trust the Lord to provide as you make an investment into your marriage and for one another. Trust Him as you seek someone to be a wonderful caregiver for your children so you can connect–because YOU TWO–this marriage–MATTERS more to your children and family than any other thing you can spend time or invest in.

Your “how did we get here moment”…

Ten years and 5 kids later (with some having a handful of unique needs)–we found ourselves sitting across from one another at the table smiling–and thankful (thankful we weren’t alone in this crazy and we both wanted this crazy we felt He had called us to)–but also deep down wondering what happened. What happened to us and to getting to just be together. We decided–although many might look into our marriage and think it was pretty cool (because really–it was)–we made the decision together…that our marriage was worth fighting for–like to be more than okay or getting by–but to be really great).

We would learn to look at each other…again. Maybe even deeper than ever before.

We would remember together who we were and invite some of those passions back into our lives and support one another in them…again. Maybe we would even discover new passions to support and encourage one another in.

We would make time to connect…again.  No matter what it takes or how many sitters we would have to call or how creative we would have to be.

Because our marriage–is worth fighting for.

Yes–our sweet babies are worth fighting for through the therapies and different schooling decisions and on and on and on the list goes. As parents–that comes easier, and I feel like we have done that well. We will continue to fight for them–to walk through their stories…to listen to their hearts–to do the best job we can parenting them–but not at the expense of US–our own marriage. Because we need our marriage to be beautiful, but they ALSO need our marriage to be beautiful. They need to see parents that love one another and serve one another. They need to have a home filled with transparent, authentic love for one another to come back to…as long as we are here–to see what it means to be committed and to dance as we do it.

It’s worth it for them.

But even more–it’s worth it for US.

Five years ago, the Lord led me to start a ministry for foster and adoption moms called Created for Care. I have incredible tag team friends Angie Carley and Christy Elphick who have run this race with me from the beginning as well as a pretty awesome team of ladies who have come on to run with us (THANKFUL!). What began to breath new life into tired moms–is taking on a new form. This past year, I was so tired and thought–year 5…this upcoming year would be our last. But–as we started to plan–I felt God saying, “No. It’s just the beginning.” Hmmm. REALLY? Beginning of what?

Every year it seems the Lord takes our crazy family through what some of the focus of Created for Care for the next year will be–and as Richard and I started realizing what we needed in our marriage–we looked around us and begin to feel He was asking other couples to come with us. To look, remember and connect alongside us—with their spouses. We want to support other couples in this journey and cheer them on–and we are so excited to add marriage to our ministry through marriage retreats. It’s also another great excuse for Richard and I to have another weekend to be just us to focus on our marriage.

The beauty of our marriage retreats though-is Winshape Marriage will be facilitating most of the work for us. Instead of adding more to our already full plates, this amazing organization who counsels and supports marriages so well and who also happens to have a huge heart for adoption and foster care–will be partnering with us to love adoption and foster couples. Exciting!

And as for us continuing to grow together on a weekly basis–we are making more time for each other and admitting we can use some help to go further, love bigger and grow deeper together. Here are some things we began this summer that have been life-giving and transforming for us…

1. A Marriage Counselor. We have added weekly counseling to our line-up to help us connect on a deeper level. Just 1 hour a week to sit and chat. It’s actually a lot of fun, and it’s something I hope we can always afford to do. If we can get away once a week for an hour together–anyone can do it! We have 5 children under the age of 10 so no one can stay at home alone–and I homeschool. So every week–we find a way to go to a counselor to just TALK. Most weeks we have NO idea what we will even talk about–but we leave laughing, and it’s honestly been so much fun!!

If you have never gone to a counselor even for healthy communication or a check-up–it’s so worth it! You can even find a counselor that takes your insurance making it very affordable. There have even been nights when finding a sitter was impossible–and y’all–we just made our counselor laugh his socks off by bringing them with us! This is just the way we roll…



Silly kids! I had to take a picture of them in that lobby to remember this moment!

They get to see that it’s okay to talk to a mentor about how to grow together and there’s nothing weird about it–some times we need a 3rd party to give us ideas how to grow (to look, remember and connect) and they get to see that growing together is something we just won’t compromise even if it means for an hour they get to watch a mommy-approved movie on Netflix in the waiting room while we meet.

I think it’s important to talk about this with other couples just sharing how wonderful it has been for us because often some people feel like if you are going to a counselor it’s because you are struggling or have a serious problem. Some times it just takes someone else listening to you communicating to point things out that are actually stunting your growth together or someone listening and complimenting you how you are communicating well…or giving you homework to grow together through.

2. Date Night. We shoot for a WEEKLY date. It doesn’t have to be dinner–it might have to be breakfast or lunch–but we try for a weekly date. We also shoot for a monthly double date with good friends. Being with other couples is another great way to grow together as you have more common friends and even funny things to talk about that come up over conversations–things besides just your kids!

3. A Weekend Away. At least once a year–but shoot for 2x a year an entire weekend away just the two of you. Again, the more kids you have the more difficult this might seem–but spreading the kids out among family is usually what we have to do and it works!

4. Joining One Another in Their Interests. We have done a lot of this lately, and this has been so fun for us!! I love to build. He loves to cook. I love to fix things up. He loves to read. We have made an effort to join each other in similar interests–really to speak each other’s love language in a practical way–by doing things one another loves but together. (That man just bought me a DONKEY y’all. I know he doesn’t like farm animals–but he sure knows the way to my heart;)

5. Reminding Ourselves How Important Each Other Is–Often. This has been a bi-product of counseling for us and something we really needed to do more of. It’s easy when you are dating, engaged and newly married (or even new parents!) to compliment and remind each other how special and thankful we are for our spouse to our spouse. Years pass, and I think we just become comfortable and even take one another for granted. That has really changed over here and as you remind one another how thankful you are for one another and begin to even name specifics–you begin to realize how truly blessed you are to have one another. You start doing funny things like squealing when he comes home…again. And taking selfies–or usies–because you are just excited to be together.


Oh man–our wrinkles! But we are getting old TOGETHER–and we are more than good these days. I’d say we are great. That boy up there is something else–and he is so worth fighting for. And the way he talks to me–I know that I am worth fighting for too. WE are worth fighting for.

I also know that this isn’t something you just work on here and there. It has to be something you decide to continually invest in–daily…week in and out. Having a great marriage is a lot of work–a lot of communicating–but it’s so incredibly worth it.

No matter where you are–it’s never too late or beyond His great healing or reigniting! And if you are at a good place but you want it to be great–every investment you make I stand and applaud you both for. Pray for God to make a way for daily connections–and be very aware when you see that something is fighting against you two to connect. The enemy wants nothing more than to see families torn apart–so a great godly marriage will always, always, always be something you have to work hard on and fight for. Don’t give up–it will be worth it!! Together–it’s the best place to be:).


Here’s a little slideshow I made of our crazy from the last 11 years…


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I Wanna Love Like That {Why I Need His Strength to Really Love}

Thanksgiving is getting ready to rear the corner. Followed by Christmas. Which means–we will all be busier than normal. We will also be invited or not invited to different things. We will get together with people who we love dearly—the turkey and tinsel–what’s not to love about the most wonderful time of the year;)! And mixed in among the turkey and tinsel whether it’s family or friends–you might even find yourself gathering among people that aren’t the easiest for our hearts to be around. It might just be clashing personalities or it could be relationships that the longer the miscommunication or misunderstanding has gone on…there is hurt there–maybe even deeper than we ever dreamed until we find ourselves dreading these different encounters during the holidays. We may even be around family who WE have hurt but are completely clueless to the way we make them feel–and we need to love outside of our own flesh to show them that we love them.

Or maybe you are juggling a family who pulls you or pulls him. So you have to have this with them–then stretch yourself to do that with them–and oh my…your heart just longs for TOGETHER…why can’t we all just make it easy and be TOGETHER. This time of year is my favorite–but it’s also the time of year that can be very hard for a lot of people because something went wrong with the word LOVE and everything that it is supposed to stand for.

I’ve been thinking about that big “L” word a lot lately.

How I’m really not good at it. I’m really good at loving people who love me. I’m good at loving people who are lovable. I’m good at loving people who serve me back or appreciate me, respect my time and family or who think about my feelings as much as I think about theirs. That kind of love–that’s just easy.

What I’m not good at…I hate to type–is HIS kind of LOVE.

When you read 1 Corinthians 13–“the love chapter”–many of us have read at our weddings or refer to when we are talking about love–isn’t talking about those in our lives that are easy to love. There’d really be no need to write a chapter on love if it was that easy would it? There would be no instructions because it’d be natural. But loving people who hurt your heart is anything but natural.

I want to run. Avoid. Smile and get through it. Jump in my van with my kids who love me back and say under my breath, “Whew. That’s over. Now let’s race back to our farm and rest and be surrounded by comfortable.” But His kind of love is anything but comfortable. And I’m really not good at it–but I want to be. This kind of love takes dying to self, humility–A LOT of humility, effort, confidence in who we are in Him (believing and knowing that this is all that matters) and forgiveness.

You might find yourself in a relationship or situation where you find yourself saying, “I’m done. I’m tired of being the only one trying. I’m serving. I’m giving. And nothing back. Just done.” Okay. So that’s good. You are getting some where. You are officially done loving in your own strength. And now–you are ready.

Think about someone in your life–right now–where there is a struggle…a lack of love…a broken relationship. Someone who your heart has just said, “I’m done” too. Just done trying. Done with your own strength. Because–you have done it over and over and it just doesn’t work. Deep breath…

The Message especially challenges my socks off on how to love now that you are ready to say you are done…

1 Corinthians 13:3-7

“Love never gives up.
Love cares more for others than for self.
Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have.
Love doesn’t strut,
Doesn’t have a swelled head,
Doesn’t force itself on others,
Isn’t always “me first,”
Doesn’t fly off the handle,
Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others,
Doesn’t revel when others grovel,
Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth,
Puts up with anything,
Trusts God always,
Always looks for the best,
Never looks back,
But keeps going to the end.”


Now go back and read it again–thinking specifically about that person that was brought to mind earlier as you read.

Line by line…sentence by sentence…in 1 Corinthians–go back and read and stop after each one as you think about this person remembering this first…LOVE NEVER GIVES UP.

And remember–that love puts up with anything and it keeps going to the end.

I wanna love like THAT.

To not bring up wrongs–not keeping score. Even in friendships when you have served and served and served…it’s okay to draw boundaries and say no–but it’s not okay to carry a grudge of frustration that you don’t feel appreciated or valued. Love let’s it go and ALWAYS looks for the best in that person instead.

And it keeps going. Even when you feel done. When you feel done–LOVE says, “What can I do tomorrow to show him/him that he/she is loved?” It just keeps going and going and going—and the one who loves like He does–trusts the Lord to provide strength for each day.

Running this race with you. Know you are deeply LOVED. And you are not alone:)



His personality {Zeke makes my side hurt!}


Meet my 3 year old. Zeke.

My side hurts! If you ever need to laugh your socks off–you need to spend just a few hours alone with Zeke!! He was my side kick in Hobby Lobby tonight and in just 1 hour in that store while Laney was at ballet these things happened…

1. A lady told him he was cute and his response: “Where you go–I will go. Where you stay–I will stay. Your people will be my people!” (Oh MY! I lost it. Preach it buddy.)

2. Santa called my cell phone. Seriously. I had put in an email order today for Santa Atlanta to visit our house–and he called me back…acting like Santa–“Ho, ho, ho”ing on the other end. I wanted to tell him he didn’t have to keep that up and we could just book a visit but it didn’t feel very cheerful–so I went along with it reminiscing on the different events we had used Santa Atlanta for…Laney’s birthday one year…a playdate party…and he asked me to catch him up on the kids–so I shared we had brought home another little guy since we used them last a few years ago. I filled him in on growing again through adoption and how Zeke had been home a year. THEN he asked who the chatter bug was in the back ground. Zeke of course:)

So Santa asked if he could say hey to any of the children and give them a “Ho, ho, ho!” HILARIOUS. Santa assumes he is talking to older Laney because of how articulate Zeke is.

Do you just looooove your new baby brother from China sweet girl? Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Uh oh. I knew his response was gonna knock Santa’s socks off. Y’all. Zeke is a pistol!

“Dis is NOT Waney. Dis is ZEKE. And I’m da new baby brother from China. And I’m NOT a girl. I’m a boy. Zeke. I’m three. And I’m mad at my mom. Because she is mean ’cause she isn’t buying me anything I want while we are shopping at Hobby Lobby. HO! HO! HO!”

Oh my. My apologies Santa!

I whispered in Zeke’s other ear to please just tell Santa, “Merry Christmas” and after he did–I took the phone back, made arrangements for his visit and gave hi a Merry Christmas right back. THAT KID!!!

3. Finally–I called my dad who I knew would appreciate the story of Mr. Pistol’s talk with Santa–only to have Zeke take the phone and tell Papa, “Papa! Dis is Zeke and I’m mad at mom because she is mean. She’s not buying me any thing here at Hobby Lobby.” 

I took the phone away and told my dad how Zeke grabbed a globe ornament I found and started naming all the continents…truly amazing if you ask me for a 3 year old! I handed him the globe and the phone and tried to get him to do it for my dad–only he cut his eyes at me and recited the entire Pledge of Allegiance of the United States smirking until the very end. Y’all. I tried not to laugh…but hearing my dad laughing that I have my HANDS FULL–I lost it once again. This kid…can give it to Santa, recite the continents and the pledge–BUT he is incapable of going to the stinkin’ POTTY. Oh my…HANDS FULL.

We did end on a good note–saying our “I love you’s” and we traded our toy from Chick-fil-a for an ice cream (love how they do that!) and then…we picked up sister from ballet!

And that’s our Zeke!! So thankful 2 years ago we ran across his picture while praying for waiting children–so thankful he has been home for over a year–and so thankful he is strong and confident…and makes me laugh!


Why I Run From Mega-Churches and Fog Machine Concert Worship

Our family lives in one of the biggest cities in the United States–so we are surrounded by mega churches and the coolest, newest things when it comes to not only fashion and the latest trends–but even when it comes to worship. The musicians that lead on Sunday morning you pass in Target with their shades on…and without thinking about it I smile and say hey just the same as I do for the random stranger I pass on the cereal aisle. I always want to encourage them when I pass them to smile back…we might have worshipped together on Sunday–remember? People to me–are people. Now–if you were Jesus…that’s something else. But if you are not Jesus–you are just people. Just like…me.

For years I thought something was wrong with me walking in or out of a mega-church–because of how I felt in the middle of so many strangers or leaving having a personal experience–with…just–well maybe me and God. That’s the way it’s supposed to be they might tell you–and you get together with a smaller community–your cell group, small group, community group or something like that later in the week. But if you leave feeling alone–do not be discouraged…you aren’t alone and there’s nothing wrong with you. You were made to be known not only by God–but by the body of Christ…to walk together day in and day out…especially at church where you worship.

I’d walk in and want to turn and walk right out. The energy no doubt gravitating–but the community…in order to really be community would have to meet online or at another time to really know one another but never see one another on a Sunday. I mean–we could go completely incognito for months and our absence would totally go unnoticed.

For some–I think this is really okay? I mean–for the introvert that is going to run in and out–you almost WANT this Mega-church type thing where no one will ever know your name or ask you where you’ve been the last few months…and how are things REALLY–like REALLY? But for me–(this is just my confession why you won’t see me there)–it just doesn’t feel like the body.

And it makes me worry–that we are creating the need for entertainment, more lights, more fog, more of an outrageous experience for our kids, new believers and maybe even ourselves–and all of this could cover up the beauty of the missing body of Christ.

I knew the moment my first son started crawling–we needed to leave the mega-church we were attending. Not the church as “the church” but rather the mega-church that we were going to for all the wrong reasons. Now let me confess why we went there for the few years we did…It was comfortable. And entertaining. And famous people leading worship–that’s just pretty cool. We heard the new song before anyone else did. Okay–so those are NOT the reasons we went. But that was pretty exciting and cool. If you asked me 15 years ago why we were there–I would have told you the teaching truly was good. The pastor was captivating. The skits were hilarious. The worship was amazing–like a Christian rock concert.

But…raising my babies there and my own need for the body of Christ–it made me worry.

Because I had once experienced real corporate worship…where you knew your neighbor. You know your neighbor’s raising his hands beside you and you also know the battle he was fighting–and seeing him raise his hands during that battle–did something to me…because I knew my brother. The Holy Spirit did something in me as I could look around the room and know the stories of His power in lives all around me. I would look around and in this mega-church, really knew–like deeply knew–NO ONE. Except my spouse…and maybe another family or three in the west or east wing…who even knew unless I texted where they were. This is okay–except…it didn’t feel at all like a body should feel. Where the parts all know each other. Where the parts all work together. Where when one falls–the other is there to pick it up.

What would I teach my kids about His holy church–the one He died for? How we know each other deeply. How we walk together. How we know and see who is missing–because we can look around and see and know if they are there…and check on them…and serve them…and bring them back to worship alongside us…because we are one body–and this is how the body works.

And when the music or fog or Who’s Who worship team fades…because for a time my kids would think that is pretty stinkin’ cool–and all is striped away? Would they know how to come? Come to their Savior? When they go to college or get transferred to a small town–would they know how to find the body of Christ and how it’s supposed to work together or need more entertainment and fog machines? I see the fog and the dancing and beautiful hype–really…I see the beautiful in it. But. Is it overflowing into the lives and hearts and carrying over into every faucet of our lives with the body of Christ and all it’s glory going with us as we worship together and leave together into the world?

Then–I find myself leaving these concert churches–feeling so alone. And I wonder how many leave feeling the same–and never go back. Because it’s almost impossible to be known there–and that is our hearts desire…to be known…which overflows into our walk with the Lord–leading us to be known and to know Him.

When you go through things–the body is there. You might not have experienced that yet–but the body of Christ is alive and amazing when you find it. They surround you…they know you…they walk the trial with you…they celebrate the blessings by your side. But while we attended a big…as in BIG…church—we walked often alone in and out of the church through the hard things because really–we were unseen. If this is you. Maybe someone reading this who has come and gone…and never gone back for this reason–but please don’t give up on His church. I have to tell you. There are many churches out there that feel good–that are pretty entertaining and awesome like a party–but if you left feeling more unknown and unseen…you are not crazy and you are not alone.

Before I got married, I lived in China for a year. It was a sweet year doing crazy things for the gospel with other believers. I experienced the church in deep, real ways in a country where the church couldn’t legally exist and moved to Atlanta. I walked in to the church where every single in my area said I had to go–to come home to fog-machine worship that really threw me off and took awhile to get used to–until I realized I didn’t have to get used to it…because maybe I wasn’t supposed to. Sure you can worship with fog–you can worship with bubbles and kites and anything for that matter;)–but don’t be discouraged if the concert and who’s who leading worship isn’t for your heart. Because–it wasn’t for mine either. I want to be able to know the one worshipping beside me–or to be able to tell the one leading worship what the Lord did in my heart during that song they chose to sing…without needing a VIP pass or feeling silly because Elvis left the building before I could get there. I just love knowing my people and being known by them–and for me…my heart and family need to know the parts of the body and work together in smallness to do big things with them.

It takes awhile some times to know what your heart needs. My heart longs to just worship beside brothers and sisters who love Jesus…who are surrendered to Him…and who know my name and whose name I know because I believe that’s how we were made to worship and made to do life. Together. To hear and know one another’s needs–and consider how the Lord might want to use US to meet them. Together. To know your loss and know how He has been faithful to you–to see your hands rise during the trial and to go stand with you in worship. Together.

And to bring my children with me. And to allow this to overflow into their lives. To teach them you don’t need that guy on the radio leading worship with a fog machine and lights…that’s pretty cool and I’ll take you to a concert if you think that’s cool…but really–you just need a heart surrendered to Him–and if you have other brothers and sisters you love beside you…well, that’s golden and a blessing–and the body of Christ in one of it’s sweetest forms. To be comfortable without the fog and the lights–and just with that song you have practiced over and over with your guitar teacher to lead us in the living room as we sing together…and see what the body of Christ is. With no separation on Sunday or a special need to gather again just to know your name–because we know and see each other on Sunday or throughout the week when you have a need or you know I might or just to be together doing life together. I want my children to not need the all the noise and amazing entertainment to worship…but to just need a few brothers and sisters in Christ beside them–or even to be alone with just as much awe in the quiet.

Thankful how the Lord has led us from the big…to the small, sweet community where I have met the body of Christ in a real way. May you find Him where ever He leads and experience Him deeply through the body of Christ beside you.




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