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Prayers for T’s journey…

Hopefully it won’t be much longer and I can share with so many of you who have been praying for T–and what the Lord has in store for her. IT IS GOOD STUFF!!! But there are a few more hoops that must be jumped through and details that must fall into place–so we want to ask you to please pray on behalf of Princess T and that the Lord would continue to pave the way. Hopefully we can share next week what the Lord is up to!!! For now–PLEASE join me in praying for her behalf!!! Pray the Lord would protect her and be over every detail of what He is doing for her future! It’s quite a miracle–and we are excited to hopefully be able to share very soon!

So thankful how the Lord has held her since the beginning…

One thing is certain–this girl impacted our hearts and family in big ways. Our children miss her to pieces.

We were on the way to swim lessons for Frankie baby, and I was doing our normal funny “van roll-call”.









Then all was quiet.

Isaac quietly said, “Tetyana?

And there was silence by all.

More silence.

Please somebody say something or I might cry. Brittany Spears…anybody.

Then my precious little guy from Ethiopia began to say the Russian words that made Princess T laugh when they came out of his mouth, “BABUSHKA! DEDUSHKA!”

And just as if she were in the car with us–we all burst into uncontrollable laughter.

Who would’ve thought making the choice to love a teenage princess for 5 weeks would change us all. While in the first days and weeks there seemed to be more frustration or confusion—once we understood one another and knew one another’s hearts much of that faded away. And in the end–she left us with more joy and laughter.

Please pray with us for His purposes to prevail. The story He is writing is beautiful…

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