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The moments between the miracles…

I feel like my posts the last few weeks haven’t made much sense–as I pray for what is ahead but wait upon Him for confirmation and His timing. So while I wait and pray–I do my best to share what I’m learning…partly to remember this part later–and the other part just because I feel like I’m supposed to…maybe for you. I was listening to the song today “Never Let Go” and tonight as I was reflecting on how He never lets go–I was thinking about how as we seek and follow Him…we begin to see BIG and some times challenging and even hard things ahead. Yet–in the “in between” life still happens.

You sense His next plan for your story is a bit more unknown or uncomfortable or uncertain than the last–and while you could be filled with fear or anxiety because it seems too crazy or too big for little ole you–instead you remember that you can REST because you know His perfect timing for the things He has already set aside for us to do (see Ephesians 2:10)…so no reason to worry about the timing OR if you will be able (He who calls you will equip you…you know that’s my favorite thing to say!) and because we know that nothing He plans for you can be thwarted (see Job 42:2). SO…in the wait…in the middle of the miracles—the result of your obedience to say YES and be available for the “a time such as this” moments–the day-to-day moments happen…and you see His glory shine through…reminding you that you CAN and WILL indeed trust Him for what is ahead (these moments…THEY are the ‘stones of remembrance’ of His faithfulness in the past…and a reminder of His faithfulness in your future!).

Watching my four littles play today–reminded me of His faithfulness in my life…His goodness…and how much HE loves my children even more than I do. And while I pray about the things I feel like He is asking me to pray over and surrender…I am reminded that THEY will learn more from a mommy who follows God’s call on her life rather than giving them the things the world might desire or what our culture competes to give…that isn’t the race this momma was called to run. And I sit back and watch with wonder.

MUCH of what the Lord calls us to will seem crazy. (As believers, we should really scratch our head and wonder are we REALLY listening and following if our lives don’t look different from the world…if they don’t look a little crazy…or God-sized…or full of miracles.) SO…as we seek and follow–for some it will seem crazy. Especially to the world. And that’s okay. Because really, I look back on where He has taken me thus far…and I am just thankful He didn’t let me stay comfortable. And how much better this is…it was His idea–and it’s perfect. I’ll admit–some days I tell my Creator that He is crazy–and I can’t believe even with sleepless nights…I wouldn’t change anything. ANYTHING. And I shake my head and laugh.

And I realize the fears and wonders from the last thing–are all faded away. Not only am I changed–but I see how others in our lives have changed with us. So I stand in awe of how God works and how He blesses not only us–but others too.

Isaac with his Gigi today

Gigi and Aunt Reid with the crew

I loved spending time with family today…I love that Aunt Reid now serves Wiphan with her teaching talent…and my sister and brother-in-law just got home from Zambia…and talking about when trips will be this summer…who will watch kids…should Rich and I travel at different times…this and that—this is just normal. Which makes it crazy to now feel like this is just life–and it’s really just so good for this to be part of what is normal for us. Yet ahead…in the midst of these moments–I sense His calling again…and this time just like the last I say to Him again, “You are crazy Lord…but I love your ideas more than mine–so I’ll wait on your timing and I’m just along for the ride. And last but not least–please make my really husband excited about this…because that’s really important…and help me follow in that excitement…instead of wondering, doubting, being anxious…”

And that is where you feel the rubber meet the road once again…the road of FAITH.

And this is where I feel like I may not be making sense any more–but maybe some of you are there so you understand perfectly. Let us pray that we will listen, hear and most importantly FOLLOW. Our lives really should look different–and they will be stories that we couldn’t write even if we wanted to. I know some of you reading might be saying, “Oh my–that sounds amazing”…and I’ll tell you that it is. But how to get there? It’s really quite simple. You just open your hands and say, “I’m willing–I’m willing to do anything for Your name’s sake–here I am–use me.” And then instead of just sitting there–you begin looking every where you go and asking, “Would You have me do something here? What could I do for You? Help me see You–and I will follow.”

Much love to all of you–and I’ll end on some pictures of my 18 month cutie…was about to fall short of 18 month pictures but snagged a few tonight…whether he wanted me to or not!

AND to make you smile…just in case you think I take too many pictures of ITY–HE is the ONLY one that doesn’t run from momma with a camera! I turned to try and take some of Frankie baby after Isaac and this is what he did squealing “No pi-cha momma! NO!”(Please take note–Frank is wearing a soccer jersey of Parker’s. He is going through a phase that he eats, sleeps…you name it–he MUST be wearing what he calls “socca team!” at ALL times. We wash these AROUND the clock!)

THEN…a neighbor and DEAR FRIEND who read my blog about no sleep came over and brought me chocolate (my favorite!) and a gift to help me through the no sleeping! SO PERFECT because EVERY morning Rico Suave does this silly accent sing-song voice saying with his first sip of coffee “This tastes like Hea-VOUGN!” Thank you LIZ!

And to top it off–these people made our sweet friend staying with us BANANA PUDDING…we are really trying to pour on the SOUTH here to our visiting friend from the north! Aren’t my little bakers the CUTEST?!

Just wanted to encourage some of you today–as some times I look at pictures like this one (above) and think, “Now…3 kids–that was crazy enough–and we could have just settled for that crazy and trips to Disney and ballet and baseball.” BUT…while there is nothing at all wrong with doing those things–I really believe following God into the big, wild, crazy, unknown–the sacrifices He will ask you to make to get there that will some times mean sacrificing what the rest of the world counts as standard or normal–I believe will truly change your heart and the hearts of your children more than any of those things ever could. Trust Him with your families as you follow Him in new adventures–and make this life one of living for the Kingdom…building your treasures in heaven rather than on Earth.

May you see the path clearly He has for each of you. Cheering you on as your rubber meets the road…and while you wait for the miracles He has called you to join Him in…I pray you see His faithfulness and glory in the sweet moments of your day-to-day life!



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